Sunday, November 13, 2011

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Friday, October 21, 2011

What Makes A Model Super?

At first blush, it looks like modeling is about having a pretty face, the right figure and getting pictures taken. Modeling is really about selling something – an outfit, jewelry, shoes, makeup, fragrance, or even a brand. The best models have a way of looking, posing or walking that makes consumers connect with them and want what they have. Some models shine in print, others in video, and still others in real life on a runway.

Last week, Fashion Houston was all about runway fashion. A great runway show is a collaboration between the designer (the clothes have to look good), stylist (the whole look has to be compelling), and the model. The model is a critical element in a successful show. The successful model doesn’t just wear the clothes, she/he makes the clothes (s)he wears look beautiful, cool, sensual or fun to wear.

I loved everything some models wore and nothing that some other models wore. The models actually “make” or “break” the look with the way they wear it. The models that “made” the looks had a little bounce in their step, grace in their walk, wiggle in their hip, and twinkle in their eye that made the clothes move in a way that showed them off and made them look great to wear. These models made me want to wear the clothes….I was actually bouncing, wiggling and smiling in my seat imagining myself walking in those clothes. That’s selling it! That’s the super in supermodel.

Here are the super models that really made the clothes stand out at Fashion Houston.

Alencia Lewis, Campbell Agency, Dallas (Photo 1 - Designer: Camilla, Photographer: Patrick Garza, PMG Develops, Photo 2 - Designer: Douglas Hannant, Photographer: Patrick Garza, PMG Develops)

Katelynn Denney, Page 713 (Photo 1 - Designer: Cesar Gallindo, Photographer: Jay Marroquin, Jay Marroquin Photography, Photo 2 - Designer: Carmen Marc Valvo, Photographer: Jay Marroquin, Jay Marroquin Photography)

Mariah Chaney (Photo 1 - Designer: Roberto Rodriguez, Photographer: Nenaji Media, Photo 2 - Designer: Cesar Gallindo, Photographer: Jay Marroquin, Jay Marroquin Photography)

Lindsey Schultz, Page 713 (Photo 1 - Designer: Douglas Hannant, Photographer: Patrick Garza, PMG Develops, Photo 2 - Designer: Carmen Marc Valvo, Photographer: Michael Allendorf, Michael Allendorf Photography)

Phoenix Azul (Photo 1 - Becca Cason Thrash Collection, Photographer: Patrick Garza, PMG Develops, Photo 2 - Designer: Roberto Rodriguez, Photographer: Patrick Garza, PMG Develops)

Yuan Zhang (Photo 1 - Designer: Chloe Dao, Photographer: Patrick Garza, PMG Develops, Photo 2 - Designer: Douglas Hannant, Photographer: Patrick Garza, PMG Develops)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Inside Fashion Houston 2011

Fashion Houston 2011
Wortham Center, October 10-13, 2011

NYC Fashion, NYC production, internationally known fashion designers, with one special twist…Fashion Houston shows are open to the general public! This is huge! Fashion shows in New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo are exclusively for buyers, celebrities, stylists, media and a few special guests. Real people can’t get near them.

Fashion Houston creator Jared Lang, owner of Momentum Audi, has a passion for fashion and for his community. For the second year in a row, he’s bringing cutting-edge runway fashion shows to Houston and made them accessible to everyone. Every seat has a great view and tickets start at $31 per person!

Fashion Houston is different from other fashion weeks in another important way – you’ll see collections for THIS season. While other cities are showing Spring 2012, you’ll see styles and looks that will inspire outfits that you can wear right now. You’ll see Fall 2011 collections up close and personal from up and comers like Patrick Schwarzenegger (yes, that Schwarzenegger) and Fabiola Arias, local favs like “Project Runway,” Season #2 Winner Chloe Dao and Lifetime TV’s “The Fashion Show” Contestant Caesar Galindo, as well as international super stars like Carmen Marc Valvo and Camilla.

High-end designers are thrilled to show here because they know that Houston takes their fashion seriously. They flock to Houston because there is a huge fashion base here and we spend more on fashion in department stores, boutiques and trunk shows than any other American city. WOW!

For a full list of designers, show schedules, videos of last year’s event and tickets (starting at $31 per person), go to

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TV Lesson - Answer THE Question!

The Background: The Fashion World went nuts yesterday...nuts for Missoni at Target. Target has a history of collaborating with with high-end designers to bring great design and fashion to the masses at affordable prices. Yesterday, Target launched it's biggest collection yet - a limited edition line from Missoni. Shoppers crashed Target's website and mobile website and swarmed stores like locusts in their excitement and the merchandise was gone in the blink of an eye.

Glitzy Missoni ads are still running on TV and in print, more than 40 magazines on newsstands have stories about the line, and consumers are hungry for the merchandise.

Meanwhile, Target store shelves are bare, Target's website is STILL down, The Missoni For Target merchandise is already selling on eBay for more 5 times the retail price, and every local and national news organization is covering the story.

The big question on Target shopper's mind is - WILL THERE BE MORE MERCHANDISE??? Most shoppers are disappointed, frustrated, and upset that they can't get the Missoni. Target VP of Communication Dustee Jenkins appeared on GMA this morning and had an incredible opportunity to speak directly to shoppers.

Here's what happened on TV:

The questions were: Will there be more merchandise? Did they plan properly? She could have thanked shoppers for their incredible response, acknowledged the situation directly, and provided some useful information - no, there's no more merchandise. Some shoppers will return items, so you may see some merchandise returned to stores, but we can't predict when and where that will happen. We thought we planned well - we ordered twice as much as we usually do for our designer collaborations, but we didn't anticipate THIS much demand! We're sorry if you didn't get what you want. We will use this information to plan future launches. Thank you for your patience, understanding and for turning out the way you did! This would have built trust with shoppers and helped them remain loyal to the brand despite a bad experience.

Instead, Dustee smugly patted herself on the back for running great pr campaign, flaunted the great line in front of customers that can't get it, and coyly said keep checking back to their stores to see if there's anymore. Way to slap customers in the face Dustee! Target blew the opportunity and fanned the flames of customer frustration instead of informing, appreciating and soothing customers. Bottom line, this is going to cost Target at the cash register and in customer loyalty.

Target knows how to handle this situation. Target has been doing a great job interacting with frustrated customers on Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, Dustee blew it in front of millions of viewers and customers. Time to give Dustee the boot (preferably the Missoni zigzag rainboot for Target).

Here's the segment so you can see for yourself...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When Is It Okay To Break Fashion Rules?

Labor Day always brings the question…do you have to stop wearing white? The bigger question is “do traditional fashion rules still apply?” And” is it ever okay break the rules?“

From a fashion perspective, the traditional rules don't apply in fashion anymore. The rules of no white after labor day; match belts, bags and shoes; women over ___ shouldn’t wear ___ etc., were created decades ago. The world has changed since then, and so have fashion rules. Now, there's much more opportunity to wear what you like, express yourself, and only wear what's flattering, regardless of the current trends and rules of years gone by.

From an image perspective, it’s useful to look at the effect of breaking with tradition. What does that say about you and what is the impact on other people?

If you are an innovator or creative in the way you work or live, then breaking the old rules is consistent with who you are, what you do and makes sense for your image. If you are in a traditional industry or social setting where stability, predictability, and safety are important, then breaking the fashion rules would create an inconsistent message in your image.

Following or breaking the rules can help you connect with others more deeply or create disconnection. If the people you are working/meeting with are rule-breakers, breaking fashion rules will help you connect with them. They will appreciate your cutting edge approach and have a tendency to trust you more. If you follow the traditional fashion rules, you risk undermining that connection.

If they are more traditional, then breaking past fashion rules will create disconnection. They may make you wrong for breaking the rules and be distracted or put off by your disregard for tradition, and you risk loosing their respect or attention.

As always, the “right” answer depends on who you are, what you do, and who you are with.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Want To Be My Assistant At Fashion Houston?

In October, I'm covering all the action at Fashion Houston! It's Oct 10-13 - four nights of runway shows by designers from Houston and around the world! It's a big job, and I need help!! And it will be even more fun for me to be able to share the experience with you! If you want to go...keep reading. If not, stop reading now!

There are 4 passes - one for each night. Who gets to go? Anyone who is/has been a model, intern, assistant for me, been a client* of Imagine or Sarah Shah, or has bought a copy of Dress Yourself Skinny by Sept 11 can apply (see below for a full description). Here’s how it works:

You’ll be my assistant for the evening and help take photographs, videos and live blog/tweet/facebook during the event. You get to see the runway shows, meet the designers in the green room, check out the VIP lounges, and even get a glimpse back stage to see what goes on behind the scenes. You might even get a picture on the red carpet!

Here’s how to apply. Create some behind the scenes commentary of your life or a recent event along with pictures (5 max) or a video (2 mins max). Submit LINKS to the pics or video along with your commentary and the following info by September 11, 2011.

Here’s the info to include with your submital:

Your Name:
Age (must be over 21):
Cell phone number:
Email address:
Your preferred date(s) October 10, 11, 12 or 13:
Confirmation that you are available to be at the Wortham Center in Houston on your preferred day from 4:30 to 10:00 pm:
State whether you are/have been a client, model, intern or assistant with us:
Your Behind-The-Scenes commentary:
LINKS to your pictures (max 5) or video (max 2 mins): (LINKS only, my email box is too small for full videos or big pictures, so upload them to your face book page, flicker, youtube...whatever and send me the links)

To apply, submit the required materials and info by facebook to or by email to All submittals must be received by 9:00 pm on September 11, 2001. Incomplete submittals will not be considered.

P.S. - You are a client, model, assistant or intern of Imagine/Sarah Shah if you have been my private client for image, tv, or other areas; hired me to speak to your group; attended a workshop; purchased the book Dress Yourself Skinny, been a model in my tv segments or fashion shows, or have been my intern or assistant in any of those activities.

Thanks you so much for applying!! I'll contact the winners and post their names on the Dress Yourself Skinny facebook page by September 30.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

La Prairie Field Test (Part 6 -Week 13)

It's Week 18 of the La Prairie Field Test. I've used up the last of the White Caviar face serum and cream since the last post. The White Caviar serum lasted through week 9 and the cream lasted through Week 13. Since then, I've continued to use sunscreen to keep new spots from forming along with my usual skincare. In the meantime, friends, family and clients have continued to comment on how good my skin looks and how much more even it has become.

La Prairie has generously sent another batch of White Caviar face serum and cream…so the field test continues! I used it last night...and man, my face is super smooth again. How do you do that La Prairie? I’ll be back with an update in a couple weeks.

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